Conversion Chart for Our Dyes

Teaspoon Equivalent Conversions for using Greener Shades Dyes

A Conversion Chart for Those Without an Accurate Scale

Although accurate weighing is about the only way to achieve repeatable results, for those who do not have access to a scale with a good enough accuracy, or for those who will be happy with whatever color they get, use the following information to estimate the amount of dye needed.

The following volumes will dye 1 lb of fiber a 1% Depth of Shade.

Midnight Black1.25 tsp
Midnight Black – 2% DOS2.5 tsp
Sunrise Yellow1.5 tsp
Flame Red3 tsp
River Blue1 tsp
Amazon Green1.25 tsp
Ruby Red1.75 tsp
Amethyst Purple1.25 tsp
Coral Reef Aqua1 tsp
Sunset Orange1.25 tsp
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