Teaspoon Equivalents

Conversion Chart of Teaspoon Equivalents for Our Dyes


Like all acid dyes, Greener ShadesTM can be used following either a simplified procedure, or a more technical approach which monitors acidity, temperature, and using other chemical assists to achieve a uniform, repeatable result. Either approach will produce beautiful lightfast and washfast colors.

Instructions in PDF Form with color card

Simplified Procedure

  1. Prewash yarn, fiber or fabric (goods). Any residual oils or coating will affect results.
  2. In small container dissolve dye powder in BOILING water. The amount of dye in the 1/2 ounce packet is enough to dye 3 lbs of goods. Stir carefully until fully dissolved.
  3. Fill large enamel or stainless pot about 2 gallons of warm water per pound of goods. Add soaked goods and dissolved dye. Fully blend by pushing down on goods in pot, squeezing with gloved hand, and/or gentle stirring.
  4. Heat slowly until a vigorous steam develops. Periodically gently stir to prevent uneven heat distribution. Add 1/4 cup vinegar. Stir gently.
  5. Bring to slow boil for 5 min. Check for exhausted water. (If water is not almost clear add another 1/4 cup vinegar, stir gently and check again.)
  6. Turn off or remove from heat, allow to cool. Rinse and air dry.

Technical Procedure

0.5 oz of Greener ShadesTM dye will dye 3 lbs of goods a medium depth of shade. More should be used for darker shades, and less for lighter. Dyes themselves can be blended to achieve mixed colors.

Special Supplies:


pH measuring equipment, paper or meter

Goods Preparation: Goods can be pre-soaked in a buffering agent like sodium acetate to help maintain 4.5 ph, or Synthropol to help remove oils if needed.

Dye Bath Preparation: Circulate goods at 100°F for 15 min in pot containing about 2 gallons of water per lb of goods. Add pre-dissolved dye (in BOILED water) and continue to circulate for 10 min. Raise temperature slowly to 175°F and hold for 10 minutes. Check pH, add small increments of acid (Citric or Acetic) until pH measures 4.5. Raise temperature slowly to 205-210°F. When water is exhausted, remove from heat, cool, rinse until clear.


As with working with any chemical, caution should be taken to avoid unnecessary exposure. Greener ShadesTM are not intended for inhalation or ingestion. Supplies used for dyeing should not be re-introduced for food preparation.