I Would Like to Wash My Dyed Fiber. What Should I Use?

Q: How Do I Wash Fiber Dyed with Greener Shades Dyes?

A: All acid dyes are designed to attach to the fiber in an acidic environment.

Greener Shades requires an acidic environment to bond to the fiber. It is possible to break the bond with the fiber by introducing alkalinity to the fiber. PH above 7 can start to break the bond with the fiber and bleeding will occur.

If the fiber was not clean enough or not set long enough, the bleeding will occur more quickly. Sometimes acid dyes will attach to the fiber weakly and not really be bonded. When introduced to a more alkaline solution, this “extra” dye can break off and bleed into your rinse water.

This is called “cracking” and should not change the color of the yarn. We recommend a very gentle, neutral PH, soap to wash your fiber. Many laundry detergents and dishwashing liquids are quite harsh. Shampoo as you would use on your hair generally has more information available to make a decision.

There are also many fine Fiber Wash products available as well. Or you can always contact us for the gentle scouring agent we use at Still River Mill to wash your fleeces and yarn.