What makes Greener Shades Non-Toxic?

Q: How are Your Dyes Non-Toxic?

A: Greener Shades dyes are non-toxic primarily because they contain no heavy metals.

The other ingredients used to make Greener Shades dyes are non-toxic as well.

Chromium, specifically, in its various forms can be used to make some of the colors in other manufacturer’s dyes. This metal can be quite toxic to humans and animals when inhaled or ingested. Inhalation can occur when measuring out the powder and if you dye your skin, the dye goes directly into your blood stream.

If you are rinsing dye down the drain, you are possibly polluting ground water with a water soluble version of chromium. Effects of chromium on living animals range from skin irritation and breathing problems to digestive issues and cancer.


Click here to explore the organic test results for Greener Shades dyes. You’ll see that our dyes are non-toxic and safe to work with!