How do Greener Shades Dyes Perform Compared to Other Manufacturer’s Dyes?

Q: How Do Your Dyes Perform Compared to Competitors’?

A: Greener Shades Dyes perform differently from other manufactures dyes as they are sulfonically balanced so they perform equally well when mixed together.

Greener Shades dyes are a professional level dye available in small quantities. The dyes are balanced through a sulfonation process which allows them to be mixed together and not split when applied to the fiber.

Greener Shades dyes have superior levelling, exhausting, washfastness and lightfastness when compared to other acid dyes.

We use these dyes exclusively in our fiber mill as they exhaust better, mix better, level better, give brighter colors (less dye needed to get desired shade) and generally have better washfastness and lightfastness compared to other acid dyes that we have used in the past.

After years of amazing results on our own fiber, we have opened up access to Greener Shades dyes for other fiber mills to use too!

Greener Shades Dye Book

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